Professor Anway Creates Uniform Arbitration Citator

CWRU Law Professor Anway

There has never been the equivalent of the "Blue Book" for International Arbitration and historically, there has been wide-ranging inconsistency in how international arbitration lawyers and scholars cite arbitration materials.  Until now, that is.  
In 2018, CWRU Adjunct Professor Stephen Anway launched the Global Arbitration Review's Universal Citation in International Arbitration (UCIA).  Under Anway's leadership as General Editor, the UCIA was developed by the top international arbitration counsels in the field to provide a uniform approach to citing exhibits and authorities, including contracts, witness statements, expert reports, correspondence, statutes, arbitral rules, cases, hearing transcripts, treaties, negotiating records, internet material, books and legal reviews in arbitration proceedings. Professor Anway teaches our International Arbitration Law course.