Professor Hoffman featured in Colorado Gazette article on health care crisis

photo of doctors meeting

Professor Hoffman was quoted in an article entitled “The Market, Not Politicians, Could Solve the Health Care Crisis,” published on December 22, 2019 in the Colorado Gazette.

The article, featuring the perspectives of Hoffman and a pair of physicians, argues that previous government reforms are half measures in solving the nation's healthcare challenges and that progress depends on business innovation rather than politicians.

“People need to understand this is a multilayer problem that is extremely complex,” Hoffman says. “If we really want to make medical care in this country as good as it can be we need to attack it from all angles. It’s not enough to say we’re going to provide access to a few more people, or we’re going to get a few more nurses on the market. You need to deal with access, absolutely. But you have to deal with costs and insurance, and physician shortages. The problems are numerous and we have to pay attention to all of it, especially as the population ages.”