Professor Sharona Hoffman publishes article on physician burnout

Professor Sharona Hoffman

Hoffman’s article, “Healing the Healers: Legal Remedies for Physician Burnout,” was recently published in the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics.

Her article, available online, identifies the legal issues and remedies related to physician burnout.

"Thus far, physician burnout has received little if any notice in the legal literature. This Article argues that the problem deserves and requires legal attention. First, health care regulations relating to health information technology, insurance, and many other matters are partly responsible for physician burnout and must be streamlined. As a prime example, electronic health record systems are now heavily regulated, but rather than improving the quality and usability of products, the regulations needlessly overburden clinicians. Second, the government traditionally oversees and protects the health and well-being of the American workforce. This is especially true for safety-critical jobs, such as those in the transportation industry. Likewise, physicians should be understood to be doing safety-critical work because patients put their lives in clinicians’ hands. This Article, therefore, aims to fill a void in the literature by analyzing physician burnout through a legal lens and by developing recommendations for legal interventions to address the problem."