Found Families

LGBT Events

Found Families is participant-led community that aims to improve the wellbeing of LGBTQA+ people in the greater CWRU community. We foster a sense of belonging by connecting participants to one another and local resources. Found Families is sponsored by the LGBT Center and University Health and Counseling Services.

We want people to be able to be their whole selves while learning with and from each other, offering support through everyday life. For more information or to join the email list, contact or

Please check our calendar for the complete list of upcoming dates and times.

Program Features

Family Reunions

A gathering for LGBTQ+ people with dinner, activities, and education opportunities.


LGBTQ+ people ask to be paired with an informal mentor, sign up to be contacted by a person seeking a mentor, or make connections on your own. 

Movie Night

Open to all, movie nights feature an LGBTQ+ movie or TV episode and discussion.

Volunteer/Service Projects

Open to all, bring your ideas for community engagement and/or activism.