LGBT Events
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QGrad is the official student organization for LGBTQA+ graduate and professional students at Case Western Reserve University. By organizing social, educational, and professional events, QGrad aims to address the specific and diverse needs of LGBTQA+ students here at CWRU. QGrad's goal is to build a tight-knit community that brings together graduate and professional students from all programs. QGrad is a student-run organization, with a passionate and diverse executive board. We hope to see you at our events!


QGrad, the LGBTQA+ Graduate and Professional Student Association at CWRU, aims to foster a sustainable, supportive, and safe environment for all LGBTQA+ students at CWRU. QGrad is committed to bringing students together through community-building events and working to ensure that the CWRU campus environment is supportive of the needs of LGBTQA+ graduate and professional students. QGrad works toward this mission in the following ways:

Community Building

  • Organize social, intellectual, educational, and professional events to bring together graduate and professional students across all schools, backgrounds, and identities
  • Engage in conversations focusing on intersectionality of identity that represent the diversity of the LGBTQA+ community and its allies
  • Collaborate with the greater Cleveland community to engage in local community service efforts

Campus Environment

  • Provide on- and off-campus resources to meet the needs of LGBTQA+ graduate and professional students
  • Contribute to discussions about diversity and inclusivity at CWRU
  • Promote visibility of LGBTQA+ graduate and professional student activities for the recruitment and retention of LGBTQA+ students to CWRU
  • Support mentorship between undergraduate and graduate students, as well as graduate students and faculty.

 Please contact QGrad at qgrad@case.edu.