Theta Pi Sigma

Theta Pi Sigma is a gender-inclusive, LGBTQ-focused, Greek letter organization founded at the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2005. The founders of the Alpha Chapter sought to "strengthen Greek life at the University of California, Santa Cruz by providing a vehicle for positive leadership, change, and growth" in the LGBTQ+ community. They sought "to provide further opportunity to obtain a well-rounded educational experience by offering leadership skills and the exposure needed to succeed financially, academically, socially, and culturally.” 

Originally coined a "frarority" the organization no longer describes itself as such to distinguish itself from being a "co-ed" organization, instead choosing to describe itself as an all-encompassing, gender-inclusive organization. 

In 2012, Theta Pi Sigma witnessed its first expansion to the University of Northeastern Illinois followed closely by the Gamma chapter at the University of Oregon, and then the Epsilon chapter in the following year at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. The Eta chapter of Case Western Reserve University was officially colonized in the Spring of 2018.

The name Theta Pi Sigma is representative of the three main letters of the organization’s creed: 

Θάνατος Πριν από τη Συμμόρφωση 
Death Before Conformity

Eta Chapter


The Eta Chapter of Theta Pi Sigma first started as a passion project between friends. In the Spring of 2016, meetings were held with the Case Western Reserve University LGBT Center and Greek Life Office as well as the Alpha Chapter of Theta Pi Sigma to establish a colony of the organization. Over time, it became clear that the organization could not fit into the current structure of Greek Life at CWRU due to issues regarding insurance for the group. Eventually, the project was passed down to then CWRU juniors Aidan Klemm and Kat Retting to establish. With the help of their graduate advisor Angeline Renner, the two were able to establish an executive board, a constitution, and interested recruits, as well as acquire interest, funding, and eventually institutional recognition. 

Theta Pi Sigma was officially recognized by the Undergraduate Student Government of Case Western Reserve University on March 20, 2018. The Alpha Class was recruited in that Spring as well and the founding executive board became the official Founders of the Eta Chapter. 


The Eta Chapter of Theta Pi Sigma is grateful to be a part of a growing national organization aimed at the kind of improvements that are close to our own hearts as LGBTQ+ people and their allies, as well as those we feel are valued at Case Western Reserve University. The unique quality of the Eta chapter is our philosophy and values.

As an individual chapter, the Founding Executive Board selected values to guide our colony as it grows and becomes its own entity. We also refer to Theta Pi Sigma as a gender-confirming, queer-focused Greek letter organization in order to highlight not only the fact that we do not subscribe to the gender binary, but that those that join us will always be shown the respect they deserve in their identity. We do not believe this to be contradictory to the philosophy of our sibling chapters, but simply felt it was especially necessary to include in our own guiding principles, language, and documents.

Theta Pi Sigma sponsors multiple events throughout the year including recruitment, educational, social, service, and philanthropy events. The Eta Chapter partners regularly with the CWRU LGBT Center and Spectrum to provide programs that create social spaces for the LGBTQ+ community, that educate people on inclusivity, that benefit the LGBTQ+ community, and that provide leadership development for LGBTQ+ students at CWRU.

Theta Pi Sing

Theta Pi Sing

Theta Pi Sigma is proud to announce our first philanthropy event, Theta Pi Sing! There will be live music from Case in Point and Blue Theory as well as YOU if you're interested in the open mic karaoke at the end, and lots of delicious food! There is a $3 suggested donation for event attendance and raffle tickets are $1 each, and all proceeds go to the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland. Come get to know our members while benefitting a great cause!

Philanthropy and service are extremely important parts of what the Eta Chapter does. For this reason, we are dedicated to our relationship with and philanthropic giving to the LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland.

Throughout the year we hold multiple events aimed at raising money for the LGBT Center as well as the following non-profits:

Philanthropy and Service Projects are aimed at benefitting the LGBTQ+ community of Cleveland and the organizations that do this valuable work.

The executive leadership stucture of the Eta chapter of Theta Pi Sigma consists of a President, 6 Vice Presidents, and 8 Chair positions. All members of Theta Pi Sigma have voting rights in General Body meetings. The Chair of the Alumni Advisory Council (AAC) serves as special advisor to the President and organization as a whole.

Executive leadership structure, starting with the president to six vice presidents to chairs under each VP. Staff/faculty advisors and alumni council are separate at the top.

As members of Theta Pi Sigma graduate, the Alumni Advisory Council exists in order to keep alumni in touch with and up-to-date on the happenings of the Eta Chapter as well as provide alumni opportunities to continue their involvement in the welfare of the chapter. 

All graduated members of the Eta Chapter are members of the AAC, but participation in committee meetings is entirely voluntary.
Honorary Alumni and Alumni Initiates are also welcomed into the AAC.

The Council is structured as follows:

Graphic of council structure, starting with chair, then to the committees and explanations of each committee. The chair then connects to the alumni


The mission of Theta Pi Sigma is to strengthen Greek Life by providing a vehicle for positive leadership, change, and growth in the LGBTQ+ community. We are accepting of all individuals, and it is our intention to provide further opportunity to obtain a well-rounded educational experience by offering leadership skills and the exposure needed to succeed financially, academically, socially, and culturally.

The mission of the Eta Chapter is to provide for the LGBTQ+ students of Case Western Reserve University a gender-affirming Greek experience in which they can build a found family, gain leadership opportunities, engage in social life, aid the LGBTQ+ community through philanthropy and service, and grow as individuals and a group.


Openness - Theta Pi Sigma seeks to be a home and a found family for its members. As members of the LGBTQ+ community it is important for us to be open with each other and with ourselves. Openness is to be honest, transparent, and authentic.

Growth - As leaders within the LGBTQ+ community and on our campus, it is important for members of Theta Pi Sigma to experience personal and professional growth in their time as members and as students.

Respect - Being an inclusive environment means that respect is the keystone upon which our siblinghood is built. As a gender-affirming organization aimed at inclusion, respect for one another, for our community, and for ourselves is important to our function.


Graphic of Insignia

The badge of Theta Pi Sigma shall be a blue shield, with silver trim. There is a torch at the top to represent knowledge. Red roses surround the shield, representing growth and death. The interior of the shield shall be split into three sections. The first section shall display three swords, representing the three founding families. The second section shall display puzzle pieces, representing
unity. The third section shall display a rainbow spectrum, representing the variety of genders and sexualities. There are five stars within the crossbar of the anchor, representing the five founding members. There is a banner across the bottom of the shield: the left side of the banner includes the abbreviation “Est.” for “established,” the center of the banner includes the Greek meaning behind the name, “Death Before Conformity,” and the right side of the banner includes “2005” for the founding year.

Our colors are Sky Blue, Snow White, and Charcoal Gray