Test Exhibit Item

GIS Day map image

This is the exhibits article type.  It works just the same as a regular news article.  You can add a gallery of images to the bottom, and you must tag the article "exhibit" for it to show up in the exhibits feed.

Homepage link is for the "learn more" button on the bottom of a news article should it appear on the home page.  Exhibit tag should auto-complete if you type an e.  The gallery is below this.  You pick the size of the images, small or full width.  Then you select the first image, give it a title and a caption if you want, and you can 'add gallery section' below to add a second image to the gallery.  Right now I have it limited to five images but if you want I can change that. 

One thing that bothers me, sometimes the arrows on the gallery don't line up if you have spaces in the article text?