Book Collecting Contest WINNERS!

winning book collection

The Kelvin Smith Library's Student Book Collecting Contest is one that we look forward to each year, and are excited to learn about the collections the entrants have assembled to match their interests and passions. This year has brought a particularly delightful set of entries.  

We are pleased that we were able to judge the entries and award the prizes this year, despite the closure of our campus this semester. Unfortunately, there will not be an opportunity to present the awards at a public event as we had planned, but the winners will be recognized and rewarded. This will also provide the opportunity for our winners to submit their collections for consideration in the National Collegiate Book Collecting Contest.

The winners are:

1st place: Meghan Schill (graduate student: Department of History); A Case for Wider Recognition of Owen Wister

2nd place: Anna O'Connell (graduate student: Department of Music); My International Treasure-Trove: Global Choral Compositions

3rd place: Paul Abdullah (graduate student: Department of Music); Opera Librettos

Kelvin Smith Library Special Collections is particularly grateful to alumna Julia M. Gelfand (LYS, 1977) for supporting the prizes for this contest.

The books in our collections often give us refuge in difficult times, and during the current COVID-19 pandemic this is especially true. We thank all of the students who submitted entries, and are delighted by the creativity and passion with which they have assembled their collections!