GIS Day is November 17

GIS day

GIS Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to bring attention to the many ways that Geographic Information Systems are fueling innovation in research and industry. CWRU has been celebrating GIS Day since 2019, and we have now grown our event to a multi-institution collaboration including UC and OSU. This year, digital presentations will be given during the week of Nov 15 – Nov 19, and an in-person event with VR stations and a drone demonstration will take place in KSL on November 17. To register for the week’s presentations, visit To register for the in-person event, visit the Campus Groups listing here.

GIS has been making headlines around the world, especially in the era of Covid-19. Last year, a data scientist in Florida was fired from the Department of Health for using GIS data to accurately report information about Covid cases and deaths. In response, she has since created her own GIS dashboard to reliably update the public about the spread of the disease. Hers is just one GIS story among many. To learn more, click here.