Celebrate Peer Review Week!

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Kelvin Smith Library recognizes and supports our researchers on campus and will be hosting activities that highlight the ways in which peer review contributes to and reinforces trust in scholarship. This year's theme, "Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research" has inspired two events to celebrate the essential role that peer review plays in maintaining research quality.

Webinar: The Peer Review Process
Thursday, September 22nd 12pm - 1pm

New and experienced authors alike will benefit from this session's exploration of peer review presented by Tara Duggan and Ruth Wolfish from IEEE. You will gain insight into why peer review is important, how it works, what reviewers are looking for when they evaluate an article, and how you can respond to reviewers' comments effectively. We'll also discuss how and why to become a reviewer yourself, including ideas to keep in mind as you conduct a review.

In-Person: The Dilemma Game
Friday, September 23rd 12pm - 1pm

Researchers at all levels face dilemmas while conducting and publishing their research - Can I exclude particular observations from my research? Can I use exactly the same data set for multiple papers? Should I agree on a colleague being a co-author on a paper to which she has not made a significant contribution? - and more.

Join us to play the Dilemma Game: Professionalism and Integrity in Research created by a team at Erasmus University (Rotterdam) to stimulate awareness of integrity and professionalism in research. The game lets participants consider, choose and defend (and possibly reconsider) alternative courses of action regarding a realistic dilemma related to professionalism and integrity in research.

Register and see details on one virtual, and one in-person activity with light refreshments.

Please contact Daniela Solomon (daniela.solomon2@case.edu) for any questions or more details.