Monica Dumitriu

Project Director, Professional Education
Siegal Lifelong Learning

Monica Dumitriu is the Professional Education Project Director for the Continuing Professional Studies division of Siegal Lifelong Learning. She has been working at Siegal since August 2015, driving program development and growth as well as forming partnerships with leading organizations. Additionally, Monica teaches on soft skills and communications at Siegal Lifelong Learning. 

Before joining Siegal, Monica worked at Case Western Reserve University as a Strategy Consultant for two years. Prior to that, she served as the Founder and President at RomaNova LLC for 15 years and Senior Program Manager of Technology & Innovation Partnerships at the Ohio Aerospace Institute for seven years. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Masters of Business Administration from Case Western Reserve University.

Monica loves working with a great team and being part of a dynamic leadership community that values lifelong learning. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and biking in the great outdoors in the Emerald Necklace in Cleveland.