An Early American History in the Eyes of Joseph Ellis

Whitney Lloyd
Leader-Teacher for Off-Campus Studies
Judson Park
Fridays, September 20-November 8
10 - 11:30 a.m.

In the context of our challenging contemporary political situation, it is refreshing to revisit the Early American Statesmen, who launched our nation almost 259 years ago.  Pulitzer Prize winning Joseph Ellis is both insightful in his examination of the leading characters in a turbulent era.  Focusing on biographies of Adams and Jefferson, the class will also sample some of the profound episodic essays included in his award winning Founding Brothers. Unlike many of the recent monographs focusing on this era, Ellis’ books are both riveting and concise.  They offer an original perspective on this important period of our history.

Books:  American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson; Passionate Sage: The Character and Legacy of John Adams; Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, Joseph Ellis

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