American Tapestry: The Stories We Still Tell Ourselves

Andrew Roth
Scholar in Residence, The Jefferson Educational Society
Landmark Centre Building
Wednesdays, February 5-March 4
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Is there such a thing as "the American Story" or are there many American stories? If so, what are they?  How do they combine to create the American narrative binding us together as a nation and as a people? More fundamentally, in these fractious times why is how we answer these questions important? The five-part series begins with "We Tell Ourselves Stories", proceeds to "Freedom at Home and Abroad", "Freedom's Faultlines: Stories of Race and Gender", "Hamiltonian Economics and a Nation of Hustlers" and concludes with "The Immigrant's Tale.”  This course is replete with images, videos, and music essential to America's many stories.

Fee includes both Senior Scholars Wednesdays courses: Crossing: A History of the Transatlantic Passage AND American Tapestry: The Stories We Still Tell Ourselves.

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