Crossing: A History of the Transatlantic Passage

John Grabowski
Krieger-Mueller Joint Professor, History, CWRU; Senior VP for Research and Publications, Western Reserve Historical Society
Landmark Centre Building
Wednesdays, March 18-April 22
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Before the advent of fast, reliable air transport, “the only way to cross” an ocean was by ship.   This course will examine travel by ship from the seventeenth century to the present.   It is a story of immigration, travel adventures, disaster, design, and of an industry that transformed the world.  Shipping companies ranging from Cunard to the Hamburg American Line were powerful private enterprises, but also assets to, and symbols of the nations they represented.   This six-session course will cover the age of sailing ships, the rise of steam-powered packet service, the importance of the immigrant trade, and the era of the great ocean liners ranging from the Mauritania to the Queen Mary and the Normandie, each of which epitomized an era of speed and style.    We will also focus on the rise and the history of cruising, an industry that dominates the oceans of the world today. 

Fee includes both Senior Scholars Wednesdays courses: Crossing: A History of the Transatlantic Passage AND American Tapestry: The Stories We Still Tell Ourselves.

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