Herodotus: Father of History (REMOTE)

John Richards
Instructor of Lifelong Learning
Thursdays, August 6 - September 10
10 - 11:30 a.m. EDT

Herodotus' work has come down to us as the first composition of Greek history and presents us with an incredibly expansive and detailed amalgam of theology, science, theater, and philosophy. Herodotus guides us through a tour of the entirety of the known world, its nature, and its peoples, with a steady crescendo leading to the climax of the Greco-Persian wars of the early fifth century BCE. Through it all, we see a world populated by giant ants, flying snakes, Spartan warriors, renegade Pharaohs, insurgent magi, and inscrutable oracles, all culminating in the conflict between a loosely organized group of Greek city-states and the vast multi-national empire commanded by the kings of Persia.

Required Text: Herodotus' The Histories

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