A Geographic History of a Contested Land: The Many Maps That Led to the Modern Middle East (Remote & In-Person)

Brian Amkraut
Executive Director, Siegal Lifelong Learning, CWRU
Landmark Centre Building
Tuesdays, October 26 - November 16
7-9 p.m. ET

Using textual and archaeological primary resources, this short class examines the history of a small sliver of land in the Eastern Mediterranean whose role in world religion, culture, economics, and geopolitics appears quite disproportionate to its total acreage. From ancient texts and the ruins of Canaanite and other early civilizations through the layers of conquest by global forces of ancient Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome to periods of exile and resettlement that spanned millennia, we will examine the ever-shifting cartography that includes terms like Judaea, Palestine, and Israel.

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Please note: This course is being offered both in-person and in remote format. A staff member will be in touch with you to find out which option you are selecting.