Lost and Isolated Jewish Communities - Session 2 (Remote)

Steve Klein
Instructor, Tel Aviv University; Senior Editor at Haaretz English Edition
Wednesdays, May 5 - 26
1:30-3 p.m. ET

Mainstream Jewry has encountered communities spanning Asia, Africa and the Americas claiming to belong to the Jewish people or to be descendants of lost Israelite tribes for centuries. Who are these groups, how did they get “lost” or become isolated from the rest of known Jewry, and why have their claims been accepted or rejected?

Session I will explore communities whose connection to the Jewish people was recognized pre-WWI (e.g., Samaritans, Beta Israel, Bene Israel). Register here for Session 1.

Session II will explore communities which have sought recognition post-WWI (e.g., Bene Menashe, Abayudaya, Bnei Anousim). 

Students may register for one or both 4-week sessions.

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