Saying Kaddish: Jewish Ways of Mourning (In-Person)

Gila Silverman
Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning, Siegal Lifelong Learning, CWRU
Landmark Centre Building
Fridays, August 19–September 9
10-11:30 a.m. ET

Jewish tradition prescribes a fixed set of mourning rituals for the first week, month, and year after a death, and annually beyond that. These traditions balance two commitments: to honor the dead and comfort the mourners. Where do these rituals come from, and what are they designed to do? We will begin by studying the source texts that serve as the foundation for Jewish mourning practices. We will then explore the many different ways that Jewish people navigate and negotiate with these traditions, the influence of secular mourning cultures on Jewish life, and the ways in which these rituals map onto current understandings of the psychological processes of grief.

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