Hebrew: Beginner Classical

Holly Litwin
Landmark Centre Building
Thursdays, December 12-January 23
6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Beginner Classical Hebrew exposes students to the sights and sounds of the original Hebrew letters as they appear in the Bible. Students will have multiple opportunities to absorb the content using various activities, games, and manipulatives.


Hebrew Primer
Lois Rothblum, Bella Bergman and Ora Band. Published by Berman House ISBN 0-874-41463-6

The Guide to Lashon Hakodesh Mastering The Basics (level 1 has a tan cover)
Nachman Marcuson Published by Feldheim ISBN 978-1-59826-043-4

A Reading and Prayer Primer
Sol Scharfstein Published by Ktav ISBN 0-88125-270-0

Included are the Amazon links, but these can also be purchased from the publishers or from Jewish bookstores.

No class on December 26.

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