Lee Chilcote
Instructor of Lifelong Learning
Landmark Centre Building
Mondays, November 27-December 18
1:00PM to 2:30PM ET

In the past 30 years, creative nonfiction has become one of the most popular genres in publishing. But what is it and how can it be both “creative” and “nonfiction” at the same time? As the so-called “godfather” of creative nonfiction, Lee Gutkind, describes it, creative nonfiction is a kind of “dance,” one that moves between style and substance, information and reflection, and hard fact and interpretation. It can encompass memoir, essays, journalism, history, and more. The common thread is that it’s all true – at least, to the extent that’s verifiable. This class will be divided into two parts. In the first part, we will read and discuss creative nonfiction. In the second part, we will try our hand at researching and writing our own. Participants will leave with a draft.


Read: In Fact: The Best of Creative Nonfiction edited by Lee Gutkind

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