A Survey of the Brave New Work: Six Important 21st Century Poets (Remote)

Michelle Smith Quarles
Writer, Educator, Cultural Facilitator
Tuesdays, October 13 - November 17
1:30-3:30 p.m. EDT

This course is a survey of some of the most important and engaging work being done by American women in the literary genre that Lorde calls a “vital necessity of our existence.” The selected texts – by Victoria Chang, Franny Choi, Natalie Diaz, Donika Kelly, Patricia Lockwood, and Claudia Rankine – touch on such broad-ranging themes as grief, technology, genocidal violence, mythology, rape culture, and police brutality. They show how poets use form, scheme, language, voice, and sound to create works of art that not only thrill but also awaken and enlighten us.

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