Three Plays by Euripides (Remote)

Janice Vitullo
Instructor of Lifelong Learning
Mondays, November 2-23
10 - 11:30 a.m. ET

Euripides, the most ‘modern’ of the ancient Greek playwrights, examines human flaws as well as noble actions, and regularly challenges the assumptions of his audience. In this course, we will read and discuss three of his plays that confront various societal norms: Alcestis, which examines selfishness vs. selflessness; Hippolytus, which shows how the extremes of celibacy and wanton lust destroy people; and lastly, Medea, a play about a woman driven to a desperate deed by the actions of an immoral man.

Book: Ten Plays by Euripides, translated by Moses Hadas and John McLean (ISBN 0553213636; note: Students are advised not to buy a different translation as the text will be heavily referenced during class)

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