Violent Extremism and Terrorism: America and Abroad (In-Person)

Brian Gran
Professor, Department of Sociology; Professor, School of Law, CWRU
Landmark Centre Building
Tuesdays, September 6–October 4
1:30–3:30 p.m. ET

Violent extremism, as well as terrorism, has rocked the United States and other societies for decades. What can be done? After distinguishing between violent extremism and terrorism, this course will examine factors that seem to influence involvement in both. This course will then employ case studies to distinguish ways to address violent extremism and terrorism, assessing "state of the art" approaches that governments are using. Drawing on the instructor's research, we will examine the causes and effects of violent extremism in different global regions, as well as in the United States. We will particularly pay attention to the utilities of human rights and children’s rights in battling terrorism and violent extremism.

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