Our Built Infrastructure: Technological Design and Construction

Dario Gasparini
Professor Emeritus, Civil Engineering, CWRU
Landmark Centre Building
Thursdays, February 6-March 5
1:30-3:30 p.m.

Iconic historic examples of buildings, bridges, and tunnels will be discussed from the context of structural materials, engineering concepts, and construction processes. These perspectives provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for our built infrastructure and for the work of builders and structural engineers. The materials considered will include stone and brick masonry, wood, cast and wrought iron, Portland cement concrete, and prestressed concrete. Examples will include the Pantheon, Roman aqueducts and bridges, gothic cathedrals, the domes of Santa Maria del Fiore and Saint Peter’s, the Cabin John Bridge, Guastavino vaults, covered wood bridges, light wood construction, suspension bridges, the Battery-Joralemon Tunnel, C.A.P. Turner’s flat-slab buildings, Robert Maillart’s bridges, Pier Luigi Nervi’s domes, and the Confederation Bridge. 

Fee includes both Senior Scholars Thursdays courses: Our Built Infrastructure: Technological Design and Construction AND Defining America: The Story of Theater in the U.S.

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