Whole In One: Five Books of the Torah (morning)

Landmark Centre Building
Mondays, October 28-November 25
10 a.m.-noon

Genesis: The cosmos are created, and first families are formed. Alanna Cooper, Director, Jewish Studies at CWRU-Siegal | Exodus: Through unlikely miracles, Egypt's slaves claim self-determination. Brian Amkraut, Executive Director, CWRU-Siegal | Leviticus: An exploration of the mysterious rites and rituals of temple life. Jo Bruce, Program Manager, Whole in One at CWRU-Siegal | Numbers: The journey to peoplehood. Kyla Schneider, Senior Consultant, Ratliff & Taylor | Deuteronomy: In his last days, Moses offers the nation parting words. Noah Leavitt, Rabbi, Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue.

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