Downsizing: Jewish Congregations In 21st Century America

Alanna Cooper
Abba Hillel Silver Visiting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies, CWRU
Wednesday May 13
7 p.m.

As the average size of American houses decreases, homeowners face difficult decisions about what to do with their stuff. Synagogue congregations follow similar trends; downsizing, merging and in some instances completely disbanding. Although the popular press attributes these changes to declining religious affiliation, this is only a piece of the story. Based on research with congregations across the country, Cooper outlines the causes of synagogue shrinkage, and examines the decisions congregants make about what to do with their glut of sacred objects as they downsize. 

Join us as we recognize Alanna Cooper, previously Director of Jewish Lifelong Learning, for her many accomplishments during her tenure with Siegal Lifelong Learning.

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