Chutzpah To Chidush: A Century Of Yiddish-Influenced English In America (Remote)

Sarah Bunin Benor
Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (Los Angeles)
Wednesday March 17
7 p.m. ET

Yiddish has influenced the English of Jews (and non-Jews) in the United States. Professor Benor will show that in addition to words like shlep, klutz, and maven, Yiddish also affects English grammar and phrases like “be well” and “enough already.” Yiddish has an impact both on the “Yinglish” of the Ashkenazic immigrant generation and the “Yeshivish” English spoken by Orthodox Jews today. Benor demonstrates the different Yiddish influences by playing songs in Yinglish (by Mickey Katz and Seymour Rechtzeit) and in Yeshivish (by Journeys and Country Yossi and the Shteeble Hoppers).

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