An Evening with Machiavelli: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics in The Prince (Remote)

Kristin Stasiowski
Assistant Dean, International Programs and Education Abroad, Assistant Professor, Italian Language and Literature, Kent State University
Wednesday May 05
7-8:30 p.m. ET

The Jesuits labeled him “the devil’s partner in crime,” Frederick the Great of Prussia called him “a monster” who wished to destroy humanity, and his name appears frequently in the plays of Shakespeare in reference to nefarious and murderous characters. Vilified and demonized almost immediately after the publication of his book, the very name Machiavelli has divided readers and critics. This seminar will introduce students to the historical figure of Niccolò Machiavelli through an in-depth discussion of the intellectual, historical, and political contexts into which The Prince was published. We will introduce readers to the major themes of The Prince against the backdrop of the historical reality of the political and philosophical climate of 15th and 16th century Florence in the aim of unraveling the complex mystery and mythology surrounding this towering figure of Renaissance thought.

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