The Four Hiram Binghams: A Remarkable American Family (In-Person)

Irving Kushner
Professor Emeritus of Medicine, CWRU
Friday September 23
noon-1:30 p.m. ET

Four of them had the same name: Hiram Bingham Sr., Hiram Bingham Jr., Hiram Bingham III, and Hiram Bingham IV. Their lifespans extended over two centuries; the first one was born in 1789 and the last died in 1988. Their careers reflected America’s changing values and challenges over that period. They were active all over the globe; their activities ranged from Pacific islands to Peru to Marseilles. One of them discovered Macchu Pichu, and another saved many Jewish refugees from the Nazis. Two of them were the models for characters in well-known works of fiction, and plaques that commemorate them have been erected in Hawaii and Peru. Join us to learn about this remarkable family.

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