Love in the Time of Corona or Literature and Catastrophe (Remote)

Ayelet Gundar Goshen
Tuesday June 15
11:00 a.m. ET

Literature loves catastrophes, as they reveal a person's true nature. For two thousand years, Jewish texts have faced this question: how should one behave when the world dissolves into chaos? In these moments, we find ordinary men who turn into heroes, heroes who turn into villains, we find cruelty – but also grace, and love. Join Goshen as she explores these moments, from Noah's Ark through Amos Oz's Jerusalem under siege, isolation is depicted as both curse and opportunity.


This lecture is supported by the Herbert and Marianna Luxenberg Siegal College Israel Lecture Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. The series is offered in partnership with the Cleveland Israel Arts Connection a program of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. 

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