From Dirt to Digital: Archaeology and Virtual Reality at Morgantina, Sicily (REMOTE)

Benjamin Gorham
Research Data and GIS Specialist, Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship, Kelvin Smith Library, CWRU
Friday August 07
noon-1:00 p.m. EDT

Excavations have been underway at the ancient Greek and Roman city of Morgantina for over sixty years. Throughout that time, a near-uncountable amount of data has been acquired describing the architecture, artifacts, and people. We are now faced with the challenge of how to present all this information from a remote, inaccessible, and inhospitable location to a wide audience. The VR Morgantina experience housed at CWRU’s Kelvin Smith Library unites numerous aspects of the excavations to recreate the ancient city as it would have been roughly 2400 years ago. Within the VR environment it is possible to embed small educational lessons on ancient Greek and Roman history, art, and culture, inviting new audiences all over the world to experience the city first hand.

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