The Pandemic Journaling Project (In-Person)

Sarah Willen
Associate Professor of Anthropology, Director of the Research Program on Global Health and Human Rights, University of Connecticut
Friday October 21
1-2:30 p.m. ET

How has the COVID-19 pandemic imprinted itself in our lives? How might a trove of first-person reflections on the changing texture of pandemic life – created with the ordinary tools of 21st century digital life – both enrich and challenge our understanding of ourselves and our society? Could online journaling help people cope with the disruption, stress, and anxiety associated with a massive global health crisis? To answer these questions, Sarah Willen and her colleagues co-created The Pandemic Journaling Project (PJP) as a combined journaling platform and research study created in 2020. PJP is a space where ordinary people around the world could take 10 minutes a week to chronicle their pandemic experiences in words, audio, and images. Join us to learn more about the project’s key findings, its value as a window into the mental health burdens imposed by COVID-19, and how “archival activism” can shape future understandings of our current time period.

Sarah Willen will be offering two lectures during her visit to Siegal Lifelong Learning. Click here to view her other lecture

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This lecture is offered with the generous support of the Friends of Jewish Lifelong Learning.