Was the Cold War a Golden Age for American Jewry? (In-Person)

Brian Amkraut
Vice President of Workforce Credentialing and Community Impact, Mercy College
Thursday September 15
noon - 1:30 p.m. ET

The Post-WWII era has rightfully been recognized as a period of great success and advancement for American Jews. Arguably, at least on the economic front, that success can be tied directly to the broader growth of the American economy and the country’s role on the world stage. But did the level of visible Jewish advancement and integration in America depend on factors beyond the overall post-war boom? In fact, the anti-Soviet tilt of the Cold War era, and its impact in a number of realms, created an environment almost perfectly suited for Jews to find a level of comfort and success in America. The collapse of the Iron Curtain may also have created unintended consequences that have limited the extent to which this was truly a Golden Age for American Jews.

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