What Happened to the Whittlesey? And Other Tales of Northern Ohio Precontact Archaeology (Remote)

Brian G. Redmond
Curator and John Otis Hower Chair of Archaeology, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Thursday April 22
7 p.m. ET

One of the most interesting problems for those who study the archaeology of northern Ohio has to do with the apparent out-migration of Native American societies after A.D. 1650. Known to archaeologists as the “Whittlesey” and “Sandusky” traditions, these late precontact groups thrived along the rivers and lakeshore of northern Ohio then apparently left the area virtually unoccupied for almost a century. Who were these people? Where did they go? Why did they leave? Who did they become at the dawn of written history? This presentation will discuss the archaeological and ethnohistorical evidence bearing on these questions and offer some hypotheses as to the ultimate fate of the last indigenous people of northern Ohio.

This lecture is part of the Cleveland Civics History Series and is offered in partnership with the League of Women Voters and Cleveland History Center

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