Whose Holy City? Jerusalem Through the Eyes of the Three Abrahamic Religions (Virtual Tour)

Assaf Boker
Israeli Tour Guide
Monday October 26
1:00 p.m. ET

Our tour begins with an overview of the Old City from the peak of the Mt. of Olives, welcoming you to Jerusalem, taking in the geography, history, religion, and culture of the city that has touched the hearts of so many, gaining new perspective for the city and an understanding of its unparalleled role for all three Abrahamic religions. Continue the journey to The Southern Wall Archaeological Excavations, a site which is often missed by tourists who tend to focus on the more famous sites like the Western Wall and the Church of the Holy Sepelure but in fact, this is perhaps the site that will teach us the most about our ancient traditions and rituals. The Southern Wall Archaeological Excavations displays the finds recovered in excavations following 1967 when Israel captured the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan during the Six-Day War. The Southern Wall Excavations offers us a time capsule to better understand the Jewish rituals associated with worshiping in the temple which is important to Jews and Christians alike. During our tour, we will learn about the different steps every Jew went through to prepare himself or herself for entering the house of God, some of which still exist in modern Judaism to this day.

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