Dinosaurs of the Gobi Desert

Trip Leader(s)
Patricia Princehouse, Director, Program in Evolutionary Biology; Outreach Director, Institute for the Science of Origins and Michael Ryan, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Cleveland Museum of Natural History
May 22–June 4, 2017
Trip Description

Join legendary dinosaur paleontologist  Michael Ryan, Curator of vertebrate paleontology at CMNH, and CWRU’s Director of Evolutionary Biology, Patricia Princehouse for 2 weeks of dinosaur hunting in the Gobi Desert! A variety of cultural experiences enrich the journey, including desert nomads, monks and monasteries, traditional music and dance. Unparalleled stargazing, stunning landscapes, wildlife trekking in multiple eco-zones, rock art, and the last major territory where the primitive Takhi or Przewalski horses run free.

This expedition to Mongolia focuses on the conceptual foundations of paleontology and specifics of the evolutionary history of the Nemegt Basin in the Gobi Desert, and offers a practical introduction to field work using Cretaceous period (~145-65 million years ago) sediments to train participants in field research methods. Participants analyze the literature on Cretaceous dinosaur paleobiology and apply this knowledge doing fieldwork in the Gobi while learning paleontological techniques. Also includes basic grounding in traditional and modern cultures of the Gobi and discussions of the intercultural skills needed to successfully carry out research in international settings. The course is led by vertebrate paleontologists from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and CWRU faculty.

STUDENTS:   $3500
Regular rate: $3800
Supplement for single accommodation: $650
CWRU college credit available for students of CWRU or other universities.
Email Patricia Princehouse for details at evolution@case.edu 
Fee includes all room, board, and transportation within Mongolia.
Participants are responsible for travel to and from Mongolia, books and materials, laptop or iPad, and incidentals.

Please consult us prior to finalizing purchase of your airline tickets to make sure no schedule details have changed. Additional nights in Ulaanbaatar prior to or after the expedition and additional customizing is possible just ask us and we’ll do our best to help you do exactly what you want!

To see a more detailed itinerary, go to origins.case.edu/mongolia/ 

For more information, contact Michelle Miller at the Laura and Alvin Siegal Lifelong Learning Program at 216.368.8745 or mlm231@case.edu.

Download Brochure: Mongolia Travel Brochure