Whole In One

The WHOLE Bible in ONE Year
Journey through all twenty-four books of the Jewish Bible, studying them one-by-one, with master teachers as your guides. This unique approach explores the major themes, broad context, and key events of each book. All in an open, thoughtful, participatory atmosphere. CWRU-Siegal is thrilled to bring this program to Cleveland in cooperation with the London School of Jewish Studies. This popular, innovative model has been running since 2004, engaging learning-communities on three continents.

All sessions are offered on Mondays in the Landmark Centre Building, Beachwood.
Choose between two convenient class times: Daytime Session: 10 a.m.–noon OR Evening Session: 6:30–8:30 p.m.
Classes are not held on holidays.

Price per module
Member of Lifelong Learning cost: $80 | Nonmember cost: $99

Register for individual modules by clicking on the listings below.

Five Books of the Torah October 28–November 25 Sessions Full
Israel’s First Prophets December 9–January 27 (mornings) (evenings)
Prophets of Despair and Hope February 3–March 16 (mornings) (evenings)
Scrolls of Love, Loss, Enemies and Friends March 23–April 27 (mornings) (evenings)
Books of Wisdom and Wanderings May 4–June 15 (mornings) (evenings)