SIG-Blocks for interactive games

SIG-Blocks are developed for tangible, computerized assessment of congitive skills. The computer-based games using SIG-Blocks are called TAG-Games (Tangible Geometric Games). Each SIG-Block is equipped with sensors and wireless communication module for measuring overall manipulative motions applied by the player and the assemblies with other neighboring blocks. The system, involving a set of SIG-Blocks and a host computer, features independent wireless communication between each block and the computer using radio, and block-to-block communication using infrared signals.

The SIG-Blocks technology integrates a computational measure of play complexity for potentially personalizing assessment or training games.

For preliminary clinical evaluation, three types of games, i.e., Assembly, Shape-Matching, and Memory, have been developed and tested on young healthy adults (age: 18-30), young children (age: 4-8), and older adults (age: 65+). Results have shown the potential of the SIG-Blocks technology for interactive congnitive assessment.

We are currently developing TAG-Games for cognitive training.

A variety of TAG-Games are being developed for personalized cognitive training. Games include Maze, Musick Blocks, and MindSweeper, using one or more blocks for game control.