Vision & Renovare

Vision & Renovare
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​About the Artist: Vision

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The power of life and death lies in the tongue. I use my “spoken word” poetry to give life. For years, I asked myself, “what is my contribution?” Now, I know what it is. 

Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces of Life

Life brings us many different experiences, some pleasant, some not so pleasant. At the moment, we may not understand why we are having these experiences, but oftentimes, they fit together like puzzle pieces, ultimately creating this experience called life. I would like to share just a few pieces of my own puzzle. Maybe some of our pieces look the same. 

Vision Ink

About the Artist: Renovare

Renovare, a violin/cello duo, pursues community impact with a fresh, creative voice that spans artistic genres. They partner with a diverse range of venues and organizations to reach people wherever they find themselves in life, whether they are experiencing homelessness, in prison or enjoying new ideas and artistic expressions at their favorite community locale.