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MS Dual Degree Programs in Biochemistry

MD/MS in Biochemistry (part of the MD/MS in Biomedical Investigation program)

This program is for medical students who would like extra time to participate in bench research and to add to their background in biochemistry. The dual degree program double counts some classes from the medical school curriculum (as is done in the MSTP program) so that only 9 additional hours of formal class work needs to be accomplished for the MS. Secondly, one full year is devoted to research with tuition and health fees paid by the department. Additionally, a stipend of $15,000 is provided for the student from the advisor’s research grant. Thus, there should be no cost to the student for this additional year. A sample schedule is shown below. Medical students who might be interested in this program should contact Dr. Martin Snider in the Department of Biochemistry (martin.snider@case.edu).

MD/MS in Biochemistry at a glance

Fall Spring
First year  
Medical school curriculum Medical school curriculum
Apply to the MD/MS program BIOC elective-3 hr


Second year  
Medical school curriculum Medical school curriculum
BIOC 412-3hr BIOC elective-3 hr
Summer-USMLE Step 1  
Third year  
BIOC 601(research)-9 hr BIOC 601(research)-9hr
  EXAM 600 - 1 hr (MS qualifying exam)

Fourth year and fifth year - clerkships

Martin Snider