CASPer Test

REQUIRED 2020-2021: Complete the CASPer™ exam.

CASPer™ is a 90-minute online situational judgement test that serves to further enhance our holistic application review process by assessing noncognitive skills and identifying personal attributes such as ethics, empathy, cultural sensitivity, collaboration, resiliency and adaptability. CASPer™ test results are only valid for one admissions cycle. 

We strongly recommend that you plan on taking CASPer earlier in the application cycle rather than later, as your application will not be considered  complete until your score is available, which can take approximately three weeks after testing. Your application will not be reviewed by our screening team until the test score has been received. 

Test dates are available from May through January but the latest score that CWRU SOM will accept is from the October 29, 2020 administration. You can sign up for a CASPer account and begin the verification process before May 2020, but will need an AMCAS ID number to complete your registration and to schedule a test date.

To reiterate, your application will not be considered complete and ready for review until your CASPer score is distributed to our school.  Please take note of Case Western’s distribution deadline, which is November 11, 2020; this is the date by which you are able to distribute your scores to Case Western. We will not accept scores beyond this date. Please do not wait until the deadline to take the CASPer Test. Take it early! 

How to schedule your CASPer exam:

  • Go to, and select 2020-2021 Admissions Cycle to sign up for the American Professional Health Sciences test (CSP-10101), to reserve a test date. 

  • Latest CASPer accepted test date for the 2021 cycle is October 29, 2020

  • Latest score distribution date for the 2021 cycle is November 11, 2020. Applicants who have taken the test in previous years will need to re-take the exam.

  • You only need to take the exam one time can can add other "CASPer schools" to your distribution list.

Read more in the CASPer FAQs.