Student Life

There is always something going on at a university, and medical students have many opportunities to make friends, have fun, and get involved in the activities in and around the medical school!

Student Advising

In the Harry Potter books, chronicling the adventures of students possessing magic powers as they attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, matriculating students attend a "sorting" ceremony at which they take turns donning an enchanted hat that assesses their personalities and then assigns them to one of four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

We do the same thing!

The advising societies at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine were introduced in the SOM Office of Student Affairs in 2003. No magical hat was to be found, sadly, but utterance of the society names conjures up visions of some of the medical school's most notable alumni and faculty members: Blackwell-McKinley, Robbins, Satcher, Geiger and Wearn.

Medical students will remain members of their assigned societies throughout their time in school and beyond. The groups aim to foster close relationships and a sense of community among the students, and the deans of the societies are serving as mentors, helping students navigate the curriculum. As the students progress in their education, the society deans will provide advice on residency and career planning.

Student Activities and Organizations

Doc Opera

Doc Opera is a variety show unique to the CWRU School of Medicine. All of the performances are written, choreographed and performed by the medical students and focus on the only life we now know: the amusing sides of CaseMED, medicine in general, and the city of Cleveland. The show serves a dual purpose: a showcase of the wonderful and variable talents of CWRU medical students and a fundraiser for a truly amazing organization - the Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland.

We take great effort to celebrate the quality and creativity that Doc Opera has represented for over the past 20 years while choosing performances that best showcase the talents of our classmates. From juggling and belly dancing to country swing, acting, and show tunes to rap and R & B, Doc Opera is truly a variety show. 

The Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) encourages, supports and facilitates the success of all Case Western Reserve University students by providing opportunities for diverse interaction and cultural education that occurs outside of the classroom environment. It sponsors a number of special activities throughout the year, including a monthly research luncheon, special dinners, and an annual Accepted Applicants Weekend where accepted applicants are invited to return to campus for a closer look at the school, their future classmates, and some of Cleveland's cultural offerings.

For more information on multicultural and diverse student groups, visit our Diversity+Inclusion page.

Committee of Student Representatives

The Committee of Student Representatives (CSR) probably has THE definitive list of all the for-medical-students, by-medical-students groups on campus. Whether you want to participate in career-focused groups or want to do something non-medical (rock climbing, anyone?), you can see what our student body offers. Don't see your preferred group? Good news! The CSR also helps sponsor and fund new groups!