Donny D. Licatalosi, PhD

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Associate Professor
Department of Biochemistry
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Center for RNA Science and Therapeutics
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Research Interests

The Licatalosi lab studies RNA binding proteins and post-transcriptional regulation.

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Research Projects

Gene expression is highly regulated to ensure that the correct proteins are made in the right cell at the right time. RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) are central to this regulation, acting at multiple levels (in the nucleus and cytoplasm) to fine-tune genetic output. 

We use multiple approaches including transcriptome-profiling tools (RNA-Seq, ribosome-profiling, PolyA-Seq, CLIP), bioinformatics, transgenic mouse and cell culture models, flow cytometry, and microscopy. With these tools we aim to get a comprehensive view of RNA regulation and its biological functions in different cell contexts.

Regardless of the biological context, we are generally interested in determining: 

  1. What genes are post-transcriptionally regulated at the RNA level? 
  2. How is RNA regulation achieved?
  3. How does RNA regulation affect cell phenotype?

The lab is also interested in developing new tools to study protein-RNA interactions.


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