San Jose - Costa Rica

The beach in Costa Rica.

BETH 315C/415C

Health and Health Care: A Comparative Perspective: Costa Rica and the United States.

Approximate Cost 

$200 (non-refundable deposit due upon application)
Remainder of fee will be billed to CWRU account

Fee includes ALL meals.

Approved for Global and Cultural Diversity Credit, College of Arts and Sciences; Approved for Humanities Credit, School of Engineering

In this multidisciplinary course, students will investigate health care delivery in Costa Rica. We will study the effects, costs, barriers, ethics, and implementation of public health interventions and will compare them to the US. 

Students will gain firsthand experience of Costa Rican health care through field experiences at national hospitals; a peripheral medical center in a smaller town; and a rural clinic. In addition, they will participate in service projects.  

Part of the trip will be spent in a small coastal town and part will be in the capital city, San Jose.

This course is open to undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate students from any discipline.

The course will be integrated with community service experiences.