Overview of Programs

The Mt. Sinai Skills and Simulation Center (MSSSC) provides multiple simulation modalities that include standardized patients, task trainers, high fidelity manikins, and virtual simulators. The center offers both high and low fidelity simulation programs that extend across multiple disciplines and health professionals allowing learners to practice and build on their clinical, communication, and interprofessional skills. The MSSSC staff will assist faculty and program coordinators in developing simulations and scenarios that support meaningful learning goals and objectives. 

Technical Programs

Technical programs are designed to allow the learner to practice their clinical and procedural skills using human patient simulators (manikins), virtual simulators, and/or task trainers. Learners can acquire proper visualization of anatomy and imaging techniques using a virtual ultrasound (US) simulator or actual ultrasound equipment. Our experienced staff can model a realistic situation using simulation technology and methodology, offering the learner an opportunity to practice procedural and cognitive skills ranging from the basics, such as venipuncture to laparoscopic surgery in a safe risk-free environment.

The MSSSC has a large array of simulation technology available for center-based or in-situ training programs. Refer to our simulation resources page for our on-line catalog of current simulation equipment.

Standardized Patient (SP) Programs

Standardized Patient or SP Programs provides the learner real life interactions for the development and practice of interpersonal communication and clinical skills. SP Programs employ standardized patients to role-play realistic scenarios allowing the learner to practice conducting a medical history and/or a brief physical exam, explaining a complex diagnosis in a simplified way or having a crucial conversation regarding a health concern.

An SP is an individual specially trained to portray common health issues, communication or ethical dilemmas that occur in clinical practice. SPs have been shown to be effective in teaching interviewing, communication and clinical skills to learners from a variety of disciplines.


Learn about our SP programs

Hybrid Programs

Hybrid Programs or multi-modality simulation combine the use of task trainers, manikins, virtual reality, moulage and/or standardized patients. High-fidelity scenarios can be created by combining both human simulations with technology providing a full-scale simulation experience for the learner.

Additional Offerings:

  • Audio/Video Recording
  • Live Streaming Capability
  • Video-on-Demand (VOD) Capability
  • Interprofessional Team Training
  • Faculty Development and CME
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Moulage


The MSSSC continues to build a strong multi-disciplinary approach to learning by providing interactive simulation activities, assessment, training and research for a diverse population of learners. Those who have engaged in learning activities through the simulation center include:

  • Physicians
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Residents, Post Graduate Fellows
  • Nurses, Nurse Practitioners
  • Medical, Dental, Nursing, and Physician Assistant Students
  • Middle/High School (STEM & STEAM)/College Students
  • Researchers