Latest Dean's Message
I want to recognize several of our faculty, staff and partners who have responded to get us to a safer, healthier, more informed and enlightened place. This list is by no means complete. Over 200 faculty members were and are engaged in COVID-19 research and teams of staff and support employees have kept everything running smoothly throughout the pandemic. So many of you have contributed in immeasurable ways, and we cannot possibly include all the deserving and much-appreciated individuals serving in a variety of roles that have made an incredible impact. My hope is that by acknowledging a few of our colleagues, we shine a light on the spirit of caring and compassion in us all.

Student Spotlight

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

How did a surfer from Southern California become a soon-to-be resident in emergency medicine at a Midwest hospital? 

A graduate candidate in the School of Medicine’s Class of 2021, find out more about Michelle Lee’s educational journey and her final years of med school during the coronavirus pandemic.