For Students

Study Design and Statistical Analysis

To get assistance with your study design and statistical analysis, please contact Hasina Momotaz from the Center of Clinical Investigation (CCI's) Core (WRB 6102C, email ( For detailed information and guidelines on services offered please read Statistical Assistance Guidelines 2018.


Activity Fund    

There is a small amount of funds that can be used for meeting registrations, meeting cost, or publication fees from the Society Deans, CSR and from the research office. Please contact  your society dean and CSR to apply. To apply for funds from the research office please complete the Individual Student Activity Form and return it to the Office of Medical Student Research located in office 499K or 499R. 

IRB Survival Guide

Presentation from UH IRB that discusses the key points that need to be considered when applying for an IRB. All students must be on an approved IRB or apply for an IRB before their research starts.


When you are emailing potential research mentors or when submit a grant application part of the materials needed is a biosketch. Here is a sample biosketch for students and a template for writing your resume.

Expectations of Medical Students and Research Mentor.

For Mentors

How to become an MD Thesis reviewer 

Please contact the Medical Student Research Office ( to express interest.Browse these available forms

By participating as a mentor, you are providing both critical mentoring as well as research education to our medical students! Please review the Expectations of Medical Students and Research Mentors. Once the research project has been completed you will be asked to complete a Mentor Assessment of Medical Student Research Form.

Education Hours for Core MD Teaching Activities

  1. Research Block Primary Advisor (up to 75hr)- 75 hours
  2. Research Block Secondary Advisor- 10% of contact time taken from Primary and given in percentage in time
  3. Research Block Advisor for students doing research block out of town- 2 hours per student
  4. MD Thesis reviewer- 2 hours per thesis