Communication and Collaboration Awardees

2019 Collaborative Working Retreat Awardees

  • Human Fusions Initiative (Dr. Brian Gran, Sociology)
  • Reinventing Health Surveillance to Leverage Developing Technology for Health Improvement (Dr. Scott Frank, PQHS)
  • Team Science for Interprofessional Education (Dr. Catherine Demko, School of Dental Medicine)
  • Building a Translational Research Agenda to Promote Environmental Health in NE Ohio (Dr. Darcy Freedman, PQHS)
  • Achieving Health Equity through Cross-Sector Collaboration Focused on Systems Change (Dr. Heidi Gullett, Family Medicine)
  • Addressing Tobacco Use Disparities in Cleveland (Dr. Elaine Borawski, PQHS)


2019-2020 Community and Collaboration Pilot Grant Awardees


Title: Virtual Assistant System to Enhance Palliative/Hospice Patient Medication Outcomes

Description: This project uses and interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with a community care facility to identify medication management challenges and develop a new interactive "virtual assistant" decision-support technology platform that can be tested to see how well it improves patient quality of life and outcomes.


  • Colin Drummond, PhD (Biomedical Engineering, CWRU)
  • Shanina Knighton, PhD; RN, Celeste Alfes, DNP, RN; Elizabeth Zimmermann, DNP, RN; (School of Nursing, CWRU)
  • Scott Frank, MD, MS (Population and Quantitative Health Sciences/Family Medicine/Public Health, CWRU)
  • Miriam L. Pekarek, BS; Valerie Perout, RN (Outpatient Therapy, Ohio Living Health and Hospice -Breckenridge Village - Stakeholders)
  • Patients and their caregivers (Breckenridge Village - Stakeholders)



Title: Translating a Product that Prevents Surgical Adhesions into a Large Animal Model

Description: Our long-term goal is to develop a low-cost, biocompatible device coating which can prevent or reduce fibrosis, scarring, and other complications of unwanted post surgical adhesions. The objective of this proposal is to provide key data in a a clinically relevant pig model, crucial to form commercial partnerships with major mesh manufacturers in this space.


  • Horst von Recum, PhD (Biomedical Engineering, CWRU)
  • Michael Rosen, MD (Surgery, Cleveland Clinic)
  • Julius Korley, PhD, MBA (CEO Affinity Therapeutics- Stakeholder)