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Please join the CTSC each month, on the third Tuesday at noon, via Zoom for a discussion about at least one research equity, accessibility, diversity, and inclusion-related journal article. The conversation will be participant-driven. Additional material may be provided via e-mail to help contextualize the topic in the journal article.

Continuing research education credit (CREC) and continuing medical education (CME) credit is available for participation.

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Date Category Material

August 15, 2023

Race/Ethnicity Evaluating and Modeling Neighborhood Diversity and Health Using Electronic Health Records
September 19, 2023 Sex/Gender Participation, barriers, and facilitators of screening among LGBTQ+ populations: A review of the literature
October 17, 2023 Disabilities Health Equity for Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
November 21, 2023 Geography - Rural The Intersection of Rural Residence and Minority Race/Ethnicity in Cancer Disparities in the United States
December 19, 2023 Race/Ethnicity Drivers of Racial Disparities in Prostate Cancer Trial Enrollment
January 16, 2024 Sex/Gender Underrepresentation of Women in Recent Landmark Kidney Trials: The Gender Gap Prevails
February 20, 2024 Disabilities Advancing Health Equity And Reducing Disparities For People With Disabilities In The United States
March 19, 2024 Geography - Rural Mild Cognitive Impairment in Rural Areas: Research Advances and Implications for Clinical Practice and Healthcare Policy
April 16, 2024 Race/Ethnicity The Economic Burden of Racial, Ethnic, and Educational Health Disparities in the U.S., 2018
May 21, 2024 Sex/Gender LGBTQ+ Perspectives on Conducting Genomic Research on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
June 18, 2024 Disabilities Physical Activity and Public Health among People with Disabilities: Research Gaps and Recommendations