From PPE to cloth masks, Dr. Dweik discusses preventing the spread of COVID-19

Raed Dweik Cleveland Clinic
Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Dweik is Chairman of the Respiratory Institute at the Cleveland Clinic and Principal Investigator of the CTSC KL2 Training Program.

In a Cleveland Clinic podcast , pulmonologist Raed Dweik, MD, discusses what the health system is doing to prepare for the wave of sick patients, as well as how it’s handling the current demand, prepping dedicated teams, designating space and training healthcare workers on properly using and reserving PPE.

Additionally, Dr. Dweik and colleagues published an editorial in the Journal of Breath Research titled "The scientific rationale for the use of simple masks or improvised facial coverings to trap exhaled aerosols and possibly reduce the breathborne spread of COVID-19" . Dweik said existing respiratory research shows that cloth masks are able to capture aerosols expelled when we cough, sneeze or simply exhale. These aerosols are smaller than viruses, which suggests the masks can help keep COVID-19 from spreading in public places.

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